Financing powered by​ Hearth

With Hearth, you can see potential financing options for your upcoming project. A loan through Hearth helps you pay for your project through predictable, monthly payments without tapping into your home equity.

Why Hearth

Start you project soon

  • Funding usually within 1-3 business days

​Budget responsably
  • Fixed monthly payments and no prepayment penalties

See eligibility without hurting your credit
  • Pre-qualifying through Hearth doesn't affect your credit score

How Hearth Works

  • Complete the loan request: Just answer a few questions to see available rates without affecting your credit score.
  • Review loan options: If eligible, you'll view personalized options from multiple lending partners. You can choose ​which one best suits your needs.
  • Get funded: if approved, you will typically get the funds in your account within 1-3 business days.

Hearth FAQs

Hearth FAQs

Hearth FAQs

What kind of loans are available through Hearth?

Hearth's lending partners offer installment loans. These loans have fixed monthly payments, terms that are usually between three (3) and (7) seven years, no home equity requirement, and no prepayment penalties.

What does "getting pre-qualified" mean?

After you answer a few questions, Hearth will send your information to its network of lending partners. Within seconds, they will check your eligibility and show you available options. Seeing rates does not affect your credit score. You can then submit a loan application with your chosen lending partner, which will affect your credit report ​just like any loan application.

What rates should I expect?

Installment loans have interest rates to enable quick funding and predictable payments. Hearth's lending partners consider factors such as income, FICO score, credit history, outstanding debt, and loan amount requested when determining these rates.